Ludacris Launches WeMix, Revolutionary Music Website

Despite public feuds with Bill O’Reilly and Oprah Winfrey, Christopher Brian Bridges aka Ludacris, has carved out a very successful career for himself. The Grammy-award winning rapper has transitioned to the big screen and has even hosted Saturday Night Live.

No media empire would be complete without an authoritative online presence, and Luda is hoping that his new endeavor WeMix will be the jewel in his crown.Billed as a user-generated online record label community, you can help unsigned talent make it to the big time (and now that American Idol is over, you’ll have the time!).

Aspiring artists can expect to find podcasts from top musicians and producers, offering advice on breaking into the recording industry, On top of that, there are mash-up tools where new artists can collaborate and give feedback. There will also be music creation contests where you can win a chance to collaborate in-studio with top artists and be discovered.

The hottest tracks, as voted on by community members, along with Luda’s picks are displayed prominently on the homepage. Here you can listen, comment, ‘mix it’ or ‘fix it.’

Years back I pitched a very similar concept to VH1 as a television show. While they passed at the time, I’m starting to wonder if this concept can rise from the ashes and make it to the TV screen. I see HUGE potential.

If your music is good, you become eligible to bypass the traditional A&R process and collaborate directly with Ludacris and other top music stars.

And the site isn’t just for rappers. You’ll actually find tracks from all genres.

Don’t want to record an entire track? No sweat. The Website also seeks out hot ringtones, strong lyrics and catchy jingles.

An in-call network exchange application allows members to use any phone as a microphone and lay down original vocals, tracks and beats anyplace at anytime and instantly broadcast their recordings worldwide. Dial in by calling 888-LUDAMIX.

This is a great concept powered by a major star. Could be a sure bet…

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