U.S. News & World Report Gets Familiar Face

Lucy Byrd, the new Communications and Public Relations Manager for U.S. News & World Report shouldn’t take too long to get accustomed to her new role. She was previously a media booker for them from 2008 to 2010. She then worked for The Atlantic and then moved South to Durham, N.C. to work for Duke University. She tells FBDC that she “got into the lovely, slow pace of the South, plus the biscuits.”

What has changed since the last time she worked at U.S. News? She says, “A lot has changed—When I left in 2010, the news weekly category was on life support, but over the past three years U.S. News successfully transitioned and is now emerging as a leader in digital publishing. It’s a different organization with a new set of challenges, which I’m excited to tackle.”

Beyond that, Byrd says her return to U.S. News is a little personal.

“I’m also here to reclaim my family’s flag,” she says. “My Great-Grandfather, arctic explorer Richard E. Byrd, gave U.S. News an American flag he brought with him on his flight over the North Pole in 1926. It’s hanging in one of our conference rooms–and is a good reminder of the rich history of U.S. News—but I’m trying to find a way to get it back!” (See flag is pictured below.)

Welcome (back) t0 Washington, Lucy. Good luck capturing that flag.