Update: Lucky Train and Lucky Space disappear from Facebook

Update: A Bit Lucky CEO Frederic Descamps tells us, “We are indeed closing our FB games to focus exclusively on Solstice Arena and the promise of real time transplatform multiplayer games.” The original article is below.

A Bit Lucky’s railroad sim Lucky Train and its sci-fi title Lucky Space have both vanished from Facebook and user comments imply the games have been shut down.

Even though A Bit Lucky’s website prominently advertises Lucky Train and Lucky Space and invites users to play them on its front page,  clicking on the links results in an error message and the games no longer appears as a result when conducting a Facebook search. Meanwhile, both games’ app pages on Facebook are currently peppered with dozens of comments from players bemoaning the game’s shutdown.

It’s not clear if A Bit Lucky or Facebook is responsible for the games’ takedown. Investigating the forums on Facebook shows Lucky Train users were given some advanced notice about the game being taken offline, but commenters are blaming Facebook and A Bit Lucky equally. Players put together an online petition to keep the game online, but it looks like this endeavor wasn’t successful since it closed yesterday and the game’s nowhere to be found.

We’ve reached out to A Bit Lucky about the disappearances, and will update the story if we hear back. When we last heard from the developer, development was underway for a multiplatform game called Solstice Arena, though nothing new has been announced since June.

Our traffic-tracking service AppData shows Lucky Train debuted on Facebook in June 2010, peaking that November with 335,000 daily active users. Since then, the game’s traffic steadily dropped until it leveled out at 40,000 DAU in October 2011. Subsequent occasional user fall-off has the game currently sitting at the 10,000 DAU mark. Lucky Space contains even smaller numbers: Over the past month, it’s dropped from 1,000 DAU to 600.

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