‘Lucky’ Publishes SIP, ‘The Lucky Style Guide’

Newsstand-only mag is more styling than shopping

Lucky, which has existed to tell stylistas what to buy, will now attempt to tell them what to do with their fashion finds with its first special-interest publication, The Ultimate Style Guide.

“Readers love Lucky it because it gets them excited to purchase a particular item,” said Jean Godfrey-June, Lucky’s executive beauty and fashion news director. “In making a magazine that was going to last longer, it was more about how wear the item and how to have fun with it.”

The newsstand-only magazine will go on sale from Sept. 21 through Dec. 31 and cover such topics as closet and beauty essentials, answers to reader questions and how-tos from getting the perfect blowout to getting out of a taxi without flashing pedestrians. There are vintage fashion photos (Brigitte Bardot volume, anyone?) and more recent celebrity snapshots (“Lucky Girls” like Kate Bosworth and Rachel Bilson make appearances).

Unlike the regular magazine, none of the items featured in the Style Guide have shopping credits. “This is going to be on the shelf for three months, and we wanted to have it be more of a workbook that you’d go back to instead of making readers think, ‘Oh, I can’t have that!’” said Godfrey-June. (An exception will be some of the beauty items, since they’re not as seasonal.)

Tresemmé, the Style Guide’s exclusive ad sponsor, provided the handful of ad pages that appear in the magazine. The hair-care brand also created an ad unit with blogger (and Lucky Style Collective member) Natalie Off Duty demonstrating how to create a week’s worth of hairstyles.

The Style Guide will be sold on newsstands for $10.99, but tablet subscribers can download it for free starting Nov. 6. (A standalone digital version can also be purchased for $6.99.)