Fashion Bloggers Strut Their Stuff on Cover of Lucky Magazine

Take a good look at the forthcoming February 2015 issue of Lucky magazine. Strutting their stuff on the cover are (l to r) fashion bloggers Chiara Ferragni (The Blonde Salad), Zanita Whittington ( and Nicole Warne (Gary Pepper Girl).


Whittington, from Down Under, has blogged about how surprised she was by this magazine turn of events:

At first I thought the email said I going to be part of the issue and not the cover – which would be Chiara and Nicole – and that made obvious sense. Then I re-read it about 20 times and it came home to me… I was going to be on the cover too!

Things became embarrassing. I may have ugly/happy cried/sobbed. I was incredulous! Me?? I’m a fangirl – not a covergirl!

Well, I guess now I’m a covergirl. WOW.

According to The Cut’s Véronique Hyland, this is the first time bloggers have solely graced the cover of a major American fashion magazine. It’s also worth noting that all three are based outside the U.S. Congrats.