Lucky, Kellogg’s Create On-Box Special K Video

From the pages of its monthly magazine to its iPhone app, Lucky has found various ways to disseminate its pro-shopping message to consumers. Now, it has a new one: cereal boxes.
The Condé Nast title has teamed up with Kellogg’s to put a link to a Lucky-produced video on boxes of Special K. It’s part of the cereal maker’s weight-loss initiative, The Special K Challenge.
By swiping their smartphones across Microsoft Tag 2D barcodes on the cereal box, consumers can launch a video that shows Lucky editor at large Elise Loehnen talking about finding figure-flattering jeans. The barcodes will appear on 20 million boxes of cereal and other Special K-branded products starting Sept. 1.
Lucky’s online director, Mary Gail Pezzimenti, said Kellogg’s approached Lucky after seeing the magazine’s own use of barcodes that link to styling videos.
“We started doing barcodes in February and Special K took notice of it,” she said. “They wanted to do something for their Special K Challenge and were interested in using Microsoft barcodes, and they wanted to use our videos.”
No money is changing hands in the deal, but Lucky hopes it will raise awareness of its brand and potentially drive subscriptions, which are promoted in the video.
“It’s incredible brand awareness,” Pezzimenti said.