10 Things I Love About Twitter

Within the pages of this blog I’ve blasted Twitter, the company, and Twitter, the platform, on many occasions, both for the things it has done, and things it hasn’t. That’s fair enough – nothing is perfect, and there’s not a lot of point in having ‘cism’ in your name if you don’t actually observe it.

But, it’s easy to forget how much I love Twitter, and how it’s become so incredibly important in my everyday life, both business and personal. So, a list of the good stuff is overdue, and what better time to do this than Valentine’s Day?

Here are ten things I love about Twitter.

  1. Immediacy – This is arguably Twitter’s most important feature, but it’s so easily overlooked. Everything on Twitter is just so immediate. Whether I’m sitting at my desk, in the car or on a train, walking through a park or having a meal, I can tap into Twitter instantly and because of the quality of the tools available the experience is always satisfying. Everything I need is right there, all the time, and nothing is compromised.
  2. Speed – Twitter is fast – really fast. Again, it doesn’t matter if I’m using a laptop or my iPhone – Twitter loads almost immediately and it doesn’t take more than a few seconds to scan the latest page of tweets (or more) for interesting content. In fact, barring the return of the dreaded fail whale, Twitter’s speed is only ever going to be hindered by how quickly YOU can read.
  3. News – Nothing is better than Twitter for news – both as a content aggregator and for speed of reception. And you can define the word ‘news’ as YOU see fit, be it content from newspapers or blogs, political opinion, celebrity updates or simply the musings of your friends. Make the effort to optimise your Twitter stream (and create a really good list) and nothing can touch it as a data source.
  4. New Relationships – I’ve made a ton of fantastic connections through Twitter, many of which have become strong relationships and led to business opportunities. I’m continuously inspired by my network to create excellent content and strive for greater things. Yes, I consider many of you as friends.
  5. Old Relationships – Twitter has always been a great way to keep in touch with your community, but the timeline also allows you go back and re-connect with old friends. When I haven’t heard from somebody for a while it’s very easy to look up their profile and see what’s going on. And if they haven’t updated for a while, I’ll find another way to reach out.
  6. Doorways – Twitter opens doors. Simple as.
  7. Equality – Twitter totally levels the playing field. It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, what colour your skin is, how old you are or whether you’re famous (or not) – everybody is given the opportunity to excel. Yes, you need to be a realist, but do the work and good things will happen.
  8. Opinion – If you need to know something about almost anything, Twitter is your go-to guy. Just ask, and ye shall receive. (Most of the time.)
  9. Search – Twitter search gets a fair bit of bad press but I love it. Yes, it could use a bit of spit and polish, but as a resource it’s incredibly powerful, particularly for marketers. I load it up multiple times a day, and have 24/7 searches running for all the brands I work with.
  10. Business – Twitter is an incredible tool for the business user. The sales and marketing opportunities are practically limitless. An engaged profile can move hundreds and sometimes thousands of eyeballs to any piece of content – again, and again, and again. It allows you to provide first-class customer support, and is a fantastic outpost for almost any business that is willing to put in the hours.

You’ll have your own list, and I encourage you to make it. Until then, here’s a bonus: Being knowledgeable and enthusiastic about Twitter was the primary reason that got me hired two years ago to do the job that I love today. And it doesn’t get much better than that.

(Image: Lovebird Bowl by Prince Design UK.)