Former Live! Magazine Editor Chronicles ‘Facebook Sex’

With chapter headings like “Virtual Virgins” and “Falling in Like n’ Love”, the new book Love, Marriage… and Facebook by Marlo Gottfurcht (pictured) should do very well at the impulse-buy level. It’s available as a $7.99 e-book and $15 paperback.

There are five chapters in all, each containing around ten first-person stories. It’s put together in breezy, amusing, and titillating fashion, such as the Chapter Two super-social networking tale by a married woman reconnecting one Sunday night, glass of wine at her side, with former high school sweetheart Justin:

I confided to him that my sex life with my husband was mediocre at best.

Do you use a vibrator? he asked.
What do you mean? Me alone or us together? I replied.
Both of you… together, he said.
No, in all honesty, we don’t, I replied.
Well, you should. By the way, I still have the vibrator I bought for you when you were 16, he told me.

That revelation freaks out the good wife at first, but in short order, she engages in a thundering Facebook one-night hand stand and follow-on morning text (“Wow!”). It’s all very raunchy, in a Penthouse “Forum” kind of way, and will leave those who use Facebook for communication purposes only wondering if they’re doing it wrong.