‘Love & Madness: My Private Years with George C. Scott’ is Free eBook Today

Love & Madness: My Private Years with George C. Scott by Karen Trusedell Riehl is today’s Free eBook of the Day.

The memoir is the personal story of Scott’s mistress. Check it out:

Film and theater audiences were attracted to George C. Scott’s powerful stage presence and charisma, as was Karen Truesdell, a Stephens College theatre student. After performing with him on stage, a long term love relationship developed. Following her graduation, Karen and George moved to New York City together, where George’s problems with booze and joblessness sent him into frequent rages. Broke, pregnant and ruling out an abortion, Karen entered a home for unwed mothers. Her liaison with Scott spanned 30 years as his hidden mistress and mother of his child. Truesdell Riehl’s honesty and willingness to expose her own blindness to Scott’s Jekyll and Hyde persona creates a compelling page-turner that reveals a compassionate understanding of young women trapped in the hypocrisy of the 1950’s.

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