Critic Dumps All Over First-Ever Flip Cam Indie

Freelance writer John DeFore has a pretty funny review in The Hollywood Reporter of A Love Affair of Sorts, a super low-budget drama shot in and around Silver Lake with nothing but two high-end Flip video cameras. All told, the budget for David Guy Levy‘s experiment, opening today in LA and New York, was $1,600.

DeFore begins with the observation that it’s too bad Cisco’s recent decision to discontinue the Flip line didn’t come sooner, because it could have ostensibly prevented Levy from filming his tale of a male painter and Hungarian nanny who decide, after meeting cute, to videotape their every moment. He then postulates a theory as to why such an attractive woman might spend time with a loser dunce:

It’s because she’s not a Hungarian immigrant, but an American actress (Lili Bordán) willing to do anything for screen time.

Ha ha. Still, DeFore may also need to blame David Holzman for this limited release mess. Writer-director Levy separately tells the LA Times that it was a 1967 effort by Holzman that inspired him to make his flick.