Lounge and Office Top This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Games

Several fast-growing new games have rocketed to the top of this week’s list of emerging Facebook games, defined as those still under a million monthly active users. The selection is fairly diverse, as well, with a Chinese-language game leading off the mix.

Here’s the full AppData list:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1.icon 開心 Lounge Bar833,258+479,018+135.22
2.icon Office Wars517,611+342,552+195.68
3.icon Casino City904,293+283,677+45.71
4.icon Fanglies268,063+267,804+103,399.23
5.icon Horse Saga (renamed)719,454+242,497+50.84
6.icon Birdland858,038+193,301+29.08
7.icon Maya Pyramid532,893+143,304+36.78
8.icon الصندوق السحرى312,856+127,137+68.46
9.icon My Vineyard873,665+110,811+14.53
10.icon Kungfu Online200,472+99,803+99.14
11.icon Bite Me631,521+92,251+17.11
12.icon Country Life (lite)219,038+86,400+65.14
13.icon EyeCandy156,456+84,776+118.27
14.icon Golden Nugget Vegas Casino125,360+80,162+177.36
15.icon InGenius301,992+79,422+35.68
16.icon 時尚人 生353,317+72,373+25.76
17.icon Pet World100,824+70,626+233.88
18.icon 帝國爭 霸-黎明戰爭105,483+64,553+157.72
19.icon Crazy Taxi391,286+63,300+19.30
20.icon Platinum Life: Web Edition BETA503,957+55,840+12.46

開心 Lounge Bar is the leader, with almost half a million new MAU. Though there doesn’t appear to be anything too original about this Chinese-language restaurant (or, more properly, bar) management game, it’s not often that we see the English-language offerings get beaten so thoroughly.

Second up is Office Wars, the brand-new title from Broken Bulb Studios. In Office Wars, players send their corporate peons into battle against other white-collared teams; our review is here. The game has been adding about 60,000 players per day for the past few days.

Casino City, a somewhat older title, really started to catch on at the end of June, and is now poised to break a million MAU. Beneath it are a two more newer games: Fanglies, by Playdom, which throws players into a cartoon vampire world; and Ubisoft’s Horse Saga (previously Horse Gaga), which appeals to the little girl in all of us with its focus on raising and caring for horses.

There are several more interesting games, but we’ll reserve out last mention for My Vineyard, which was originally launched by Metaplace. It’s interesting to note that the game was recently in decline, but almost exactly coincident with Metaplace’s acquisition by Playdom, its traffic has spiked back upward.