A Great Dane Edges Out ‘Party Mouse’ Don Julio

Louisville magazine has fun with its "Animal Issue."

For its recent “Animal Issue,” Louisville magazine got the print-digital sequence right. The Kentucky publication gave each of its three Cover Contest runners-up a full page in the September issue, alongside winner Big Boy Becker, a two-year-old Great Dane, but waited until the very end of the month to share those same details online.

The runners-up submitted by readers are a formidable trio. There’s a parrot who squawks at all U.S. election TV coverage except for reports involving Bernie Sanders; a one-year-old New Zealand rabbit; and… Don Julio.


A key when entering a pet in a Cover Contest is the pitch. Don Julio’s owners Cristian and Jason Richey sent in this colorful description:

Don Julio enjoys sniffing Santa Margherita wine; using his younger but larger brother, Baloo, as a pillow; and gluten-free cheese pizza from Domino’s. Drake is his favorite musician.

Sure enough, in the gallery, there is a shot of Don Julio sniffing said vino. Suggesting that Don Julio may well be… the most interesting chinchilla in the world.

Image via: louisville.com