A Big Mess at Louise Blouin Media

New York Post media reporter Keith J. Kelly has been doing a great job of documenting the ongoing turmoil at Louise Blouin Media.


His latest dispatch re-affirms payment delays faced by various domestic and foreign freelancers, and highlights two major recent defections:

Art + Auction senior editor Julie Baumgardner was working late one night when water started dripping from the ceiling, sources told Media Ink.

“The next morning the whole office was flooded, and it sat like that for weeks, as Louise would have to pay to have it cleaned,” said a source. “The staff cleaned it up, but it was there so long mold appeared everywhere, and they had to evacuate. Julie walked out in early May over the issue. She just got up and left.”

Not long thereafter, Blouin Media chief of staff Michael-John Pierce also packed it in. Some who spoke to Kelly speculate that the mold issue was the last straw for Pierce, while others suggest that the executive was upset about being passed over for the position of company president.

The Blouin Tribeca office may also need a new phone system. Kelly writes that when he tried to call, he got a constant busy signal.

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