Louis, we hardly knew ye

It sounds corny, but we’ll really miss Louis Rukeyser, who died yesterday at 73.

Wall Street Week was one of those shows that our parents watched on Friday nights after dinner, curled up on the sofa with Pepperridge Farm chessmen cookies and a pot of decaf, while we waved good-bye to them and went out to abuse our livers and smoke too many Camel Lights.

It was a show that made you feel like whatever happened that week, it wasn’t so crazy or insane that old Louis – who unapologetically pioneered the comb-over – wouldn’t be able to put it all wryly in context.

As Rukeyser once said, “The best inflation hedge is living well,” Mr. Rukeyser said in a Baltimore Sun interview. “The government can’t tax the psychic benefits, and your Rolls-Royce is bound to appreciate.”

Whatever any of us make, we’d all do well to remember that advice.

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