Six Degrees of Sponsored Louis C.K.

Returning FX series blankets Vulture.

SixDegreesofLouisCKAhead of the return tonight of Louie on FX, Vulture has been “taken over.” The default, lookalike menu page that automatically pops up for part of today is a custom-made native ad campaign and, per Ad Age’s Michael Sebastian, the biggest one yet for the New York magazine site:

New York’s creative services department produced the content while working with FX’s agency Moxie. The magazine’s editorial staff did not contribute to the project.

“This is the largest custom-content program we’ve done on Vulture so far,” said Larry Burstein, New York’s publisher. “It’s sponsored content people will really enjoy.”

Maybe. We had a little trouble for example figuring out the infographic (at right) featured in one of the fake stories. Still, all in all, if there has to be sponsored content, Louis C.K. is at the top of our list of who we would prefer to get it from.