Lotus iNotes Ultralite for iPhone Sends/Receives Everything Unencrypted

After reading about an upcoming version of Lotus Notes for the iPhone in Macworld…

Notes push e-mail coming to iPhone

…I took a look at the current Lotus iNotes Ultralite for iPhone on its IBM product information page…

Lotus Domino eMail on your Apple iPhone

You can see an IBM video demo of it embedded below. If you watch carefully, you’ll note two things:

1. It is being demoed over a WiFi connection on a LAN (note the behind-the-NAT IP address as well as the WiFi connection at the top of the screen).
2. The “http://” instead of “https://” indicates everything is being sent over WiFi in clear text.

You could make the argument that everything on this internal WiFi is probably already encrypted using WPA (which is probably the case here). But, what about public hotspots like coffee shops or airports? If you are using Lotus iNotes Ultralite for iPhone, you should make sure that you are using a VLAN to connect back to the enterprise or have IT turn on SSL for iNotes.

YouTube video courtesy of DesignIBM