Lots of News About Facebook

There’s so much news about Facebook that we have an entire blog dedicated to it! In the last week or so in particular, there has been quite a bit of news from and about the social network. Where to start?

-Now that it has settled a multi-million dollar class action lawsuit about the use of personal information in association with sponsored stories, Facebook  is making changes that will control what sort of content is used. The change could cost the social network millions.

-You can edit your comments! [via]

-A study finds that launching a Facebook campaign on Tuesday is the best day.

-There’s a new WordPress plug-in, for all you content creators out there.

-The social network acquired Face.com, an Israeli company that makes facial recognition software.

-Stock price is back up over $30.

-A lawsuit between Yahoo and Facebook over licensing fees (Yahoo said Facebook owed them) that had been shaping up to be a dogfight will likely be quietly settled. [via]

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