Lost My Interest in Dell's Inspiron Duo Based on Engadget's Review

As I said just a few days ago: If I had not just recently bought a MacBook Air, I would give Dell’s Inspiron Duo serious consideration for purchase.

Engadget’s Joanna Stern takes a close look at a production Inspiron Duo with pre-release software installed.

Dell Inspiron Duo review

I was surprised and disappointed to learn that the Inspiron Duo does NOT have an SD card slot, Ethernet or VGA ports (I should note that Apple’s Air similarly shuns these ports). The reported so-so display is also extremely disappointing as is the lack of automatic display re-orientation (landscape to portrait and back). Then, there’s the disappointing battery life story: 3 hours on a charge? Yuck.

Engadget’s disappointment is infectous. The Insprion Duo holds little interest past its novel flip display. It looks like the two main choices for ultraportable devices for this holiday season remains the iPad and MacBook Air.