Lost in Translation

The Extreme-ness has a question:

    White House spokesperson Dana Perino had this exchange today:

      Q Apparently, Dana, there was an interview in which the President suggested it might be a good ten years before New Orleans comes back.* Is that a new time frame that he’s thinking about or talking about today?

      MS. PERINO: I’m not aware of the interview you’re referring to and I don’t know the specific number, if he would have said that.

    The transcript’s asterisk refers to this White House statement:

      * The President never said that it would take 10 years to rebuild. He was talking about how we’ll all reflect 10 years from now about Katrina and remember the devastation the storm wrought and how the region was rebuilt to be better and stronger. The President has said repeatedly that it will take several years of perseverance and patience to rebuild.

    Anyone know which reporter got it wrong — and where the original interview appeared?

We looked into it and our WH sources tell us that April Ryan had an exclusive with Bush and Mark Silva paraphrased quotes in the pool report that the WH is now objecting to. Bush apparently never said it would take 10 years, but was rhapsodizing to April about coming back in 10 years and what it will look like.

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