Gonzo Blogger Offers Tips to USC Journalism Students

On his Lost Angeles WordPress bio page, USC alum Zack Jerome bypasses the usual Pro forma descriptions. Instead, he refers to himself as everything from “Los Angeles’ premiere whiskey punk and existentially drunken blogger” to “like Don Draper, but bourbon, not rye.”

The one-time LAist.contributor and recipient of a 2011 Most Valuable Blogger Award from CBSLA was back at his Alma Mater yesterday for a Director’s Forum presentation sponsored by the Annenberg School for Communications and Journalism. Per a report in the Daily Trojan, Jerome raised the specter of, arguably, the patron saint of first-person blogging:

As a self-proclaimed believer in Gonzo journalism, a style of journalism that does not claim objectivity, Jerome supports outlets for the reporter to be part of the story, which allows him to write freely. “What won’t go away is the human need to connect,” Jerome said. “It’s a gift to have writers people want to read.”

This was Jerome’s second recent return to campus. On February 29, he gave a Delta Gamma lecture on values and ethics.

Jerome’s latest blog post is an extensive review of The Hunger Games. The USC film grad theorizes that “critics have largely let this film off the hook because newspapers are failing and this is going to be a big part of their lives for three more films.”