New York Bureau Chief Among L.A. Times Buyouts

Tina Susman is looking forward to no longer having her clock set to Pacific time.

TinaSusmanTwitterProfilePicWith his deep contacts into the L.A. Times newsroom, LAObserved’s Kevin Roderick has been keeping a steady watch over the buyout process unfolding on Spring Street and beyond. He’s also being careful to share only the names of reporters and editors who have gone public with their decision.

In his latest dispatch, Roderick has news of a local connection. Among those accepting the current Tribune buyout offer is New York bureau chief Tina Susman (pictured). Her excerpted note:

I’ve been with the Times only since 2007 and never worked in L.A., and I’ve lost track of how many times people have asked me why I live in New York if I work for the L.A. Times or said “I didn’t know the Los Angeles Times had a bureau in Baghdad!” My immediate plan is to stop setting my clock to Pacific time and to give thanks this Thanksgiving for the wonderful colleagues I got to work with these past few years overseas and in the U.S. A lot of the stories were brutal, but my editors and fellow reporters and photogs made things a lot easier to endure.

Susman was previously chief of the paper’s Baghdad bureau. Also taking the buyout, per Roderick, are LAT bureau chiefs in San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, Las Vegas and London.

[Photo via: @tinasusman]