‘Los Angeles Times Magazine’ Expands Online

It’s been a chaotic couple of years for the Los Angeles Times Magazine. Back in June of 2008, after a series of mass layoffs, the magazine was stripped from the control of the L.A. Times editorial staff and given to the business side of the paper. As the magazine struggled to hone its new voice, last October, Editor Annie Gilbar was let go and the magazine was returned to the editorial umbrella of the Times. Deputy Editor Nancie Clare was named Editor in Gilbar’s stead.

Things seemed to have settled down since then, and, if you ask us, the mag is reading pretty damn well (especially when we’re in it).

After what seemed like an interminably long time without a real Web presence, the magazine finally has its own site and posts its print stories online. Additionally, said site has begun hosting a steadily expanding roster of blogs, which is now up to nine with the recent launch of LAT Mag Senior Editor Jod Kaftan’s new effort “Jodspeed” — “a highly-curated, personal take on the digital zeitgeist,” according to its author.

Kaftan joins former Morning Becomes Eclectic host and LATM Contributing Music Editor Nic Harcourt on the blogroll, among others.

So what can we look forward to from the magazine’s swelling online output?

Kaftan responds:

“The Los Angeles Times Magazine blogs expand the voice of the magazine with the aim of giving the high/low on the foibles and follies of our unique city. Our blogs are personal, opinionated and meant to stir debate and discovery into Los Angeles culture and beyond.”