VentureBeat Profiles Innovators of LA’s ‘Silicon Beach’

If you happen to see a guy in LA wearing a hoodie, shorts, and flip-flops, he could very well be one of the new, powerful faces of LA’s resurgent tech scene.

Someone like Paige Craig (pictured, out of uniform), the former Marine who now dispenses cubicle orders at Santa Monica start-up Better Works. At the top of today’s enlightening VentureBeat article, Craig offers an intriguing and succinct explanation as to why, in the past three years, LA has been able to lay a real claim to the nickname “Silicon Beach:”

Beyond the colorful nightlife and perfect weather, Craig defines what is, for him, the crux of Los Angeles’ entrepreneurial community: a connection to average consumers’ needs and the all-important hustle.

“There’s a very ‘real’ culture here,” Craig says. “Most of us are building businesses that solve real problems and drive real revenues. We don’t have the luxury of a tech bubble down here, so we all have to figure our business models out quickly, deliver value and make the bucks.”

Article author Jolie O’Dell also catches up with Jason Calacanis, a de facto godfather of LA’s entrepreneurial tech scene. His latest ventures include, anchored around the weekly marquee chat show hosted by actor-pal Kevin Pollak.

[Photo credit: VentureBeat]