On His 67th Birthday, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Starts New Gig: Los Angeles Register Columnist

This is exactly the kind of creative thinking that is required to connect with today’s busy and much better-served-than-before savvy media consumers. As part of the official launch today on the west coast of daily newspaper the Los Angeles Register, columnist Kareem Abdul-Jabbar highlights his favorite LA-themed movies.


The opening paragraph quote from Charles Baudelaire also reminds us how even more cerebral things might have been if coach Phil Jackson had guided the Showtime era Lakers. One of the most intriguing categories in Jabbar’s three-by-three list is TOP THREE FILMS ABOUT THE HOOD. This portion of the article includes:

American Me: Directed by and starring Edward James Olmos, American Me spans thirty years (from the 1950s to the 1980s) of gang life in the Latino community. The gangster life, and its influence on the community, has never been portrayed with so much dark conviction.

For a look at today’s debut $1.50 weekday print edition, click here.

Update (May 7):
Fantastic! For his latest Register column, Abdul-Jabar has penned the first of what will be a monthly part of his Register writings. An “Ask Kareem” advice column. Here’s part of his reply to a man wondering how to balance a busy work schedule with a girlfriend’s romantic expectations:

The issue here isn’t about how much money you spend on her, it’s about how much you listen to what she’s saying – and make her feel as if you care about what she’s saying. The most important thing is to surprise her.

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