LA’s Much Maligned ‘Storm Watch’ Coverage Gets Emmy Recognition

The recent media backlash over Carmageddon included many potshots aimed at LA’s calamitous coverage of winter rainstorms (including one from yours truly). Thanks to the latest round of local Emmy Awards handed out Saturday at the TV Academy, KTLA has the soggy last laugh.

The station won Best “Live Coverage of an Unscheduled News Event” for “Storm Watch.” It’s debatable whether the report qualifies as an unscheduled news event, since typically days of preamble precede local TV live coverage of any December-through-February raindrops.

Mercifully perhaps, the Emmy committee did not single out any KTLA reporters by name for these undated Storm Watch efforts. They simply awarded the “KTLA News Team.”

Overall, KTLA came in second at this year’s LA Area Emmy Awards with six trophies, behind NBC4’s impressive tally of 13.