Los Angeles Editor Throws Musicians Down a Hill… In the Name of Fashion!

We all know musicians can be a pain in the ass. So if you’re an editor trying to shoot a band for a high-end fashion package, you can’t fuck around. You do whatever you need to do. Tasked with just such an endeavor for Los Angeles‘ May issue, senior editor Linda Immediato took the LA band Silversun Pickups, dressed them up in Prada and threw them down a hill.

“I’ll be the first to admit it wasn’t easy, they put up quite a fight,” Immediato tells us. “I had to pull out a few weight leveraging moves I learned in karate classes. I hit them with a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick to the back of the knees and they just tumbled over, both of them, like bowling pins. I felt proud at first, but then the tears started. It was their pride I think that hurt the most. But we hugged it out over some Dos Equis and I convinced them it was all done in the great name of fashion.”

Nice to see you’re fitting in well over at Los Angeles, Linda. Here’s hoping they put you in charge of political coverage soon, because we can think of a few (thousand) politicians we’d like to see get the hill (volcano!) photo-shoot treatment.

Behind-the-scenes video of Immediato and Silversun Pickups in action after the jump.