Los Angeles Downtown News Needs Your Money

With newspaper advertising revenues continuing to slide in the wrong direction, the Los Angeles Downtown News is asking readers to become paid supporters of the free 40-year weekly newspaper.

Founder Sue Laris wants readers to donate $5 a month or a lump sum donation to help keep the newspaper afloat.

And if readers become a paid supporter, they will receive a photograph and the name of their favorite charity in the newspaper and on the website.

Below is the entire letter from Laris to readers:

Dear Readers:

Freedom of the Press does not mean the press is free. And a free newspaper only appears to be free.

Increasingly, as the economy shifts and changes, the formula of producing a weekly print newspaper and a daily online web paper on the sole revenue stream of advertising dollars does not compute. It doesn’t pencil.

To continue to deliver timely, original local news based on the principles of journalistic objectivity and relevance — our hallmark for 40 years — we are inviting you, our dedicated readers, to become paid supporters.

We are asking for your participation — we need your participation — at a level of support beginning at $5 per month, or you can make a lump sum donation.

When we started the paper in 1972, Los Angeles was famously 88 small towns in search of a city. Over the last four decades, Los Angeles has found its city, and it is Downtown.

Downtown Los Angeles has become one of the most powerful communities in the world, and we Downtowners — residents, workers, everyone — are its citizens.

From Chinatown to LA Live, from the Arts District to Disney Hall, from the Historic Core to the gleaming towers of the Financial District, you’ll find the Downtown News and its readers. From new residents and businesses to the stalwart pioneers of Downtown, we’re in it together.

Downtown News is the award-winning news organization that has reported on every major news story impacting the area for forty years, helping to spur local growth and a sense of community. We like to think we’ve played a key part in giving Downtown the strong identity it has today.

As a paid supporter you will receive something very special: your photograph (or that of your favorite charity) with not only your name but the name of your favorite charity printed in the paper and uploaded online, complete with a link to your charity’s website. The link can even be to your child’s school if you like. Or maybe you have a charity you admire but haven’t been able to give to. Every contributor who commits to at least the minimum donation will receive this opportunity to give publicity to his or her charity.

Please sign up here to make your contribution. Or mail it if you prefer. We thank you — and welcome you to the Downtown News team.

Warmest regards,

Sue Laris
Editor, Publisher and Founder