Adult Performer Says Porn Industry Already a Step Ahead of Measure B

Tuesday’s Measure B, a.k.a. the County of Los Angeles Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act, seeks to require health permits and mandatory condoms and-or dental dams for all X-rated film shoots.

Ahead of voting day, adult performer Richie Calhoun itemizes via Tumblr some very convincing reasons why the mandated use of condoms may endanger rather than protect on-camera talent. He also writes that his industry has already been in dress rehearsal for a “Yes” majority vote:

If you think the next scene from your favorite porn performer after Measure B’s passage is going to be a condom scene, you’re dreaming. They’ll shoot in a studio that doesn’t require permits. They’ll shoot in a secret location with a smaller crew. They’ll shoot in San Francisco. Companies already shoot in Vegas and Malibu anticipating this possible snag in LA production.

They don’t need you, and if you want to act like you know better than them on the condom issue when you don’t actually know better, your favorite porn performer will shoot elsewhere.

Some of those performers, per an LA Daily News article, rallied yesterday in opposition to the Measure at a North Hollywood strip club. Calhoun says he wrote the blog post in response to calls from friends asking him which way they should vote on this particular ballot initiative. Read his full SFW take here.

Update – 11/07/12: Despite the protests of Calhoun and many industry colleages, Measure B has passed.