‘Stand-Up Librarian’ Loses Job Over LA Times Story

If the tale of West Hollywood library temp Meredith Myers (pictured) were a short story, it could easily be called “Fine Print.”

As LA Times columnist Steve Lopez explains, everything was in motion late last month for a piece in the paper by his colleague Nita Lelyveld about Myers’ dual role as a library employee and stand-up comedienne. The only restrictions were that the article could not list Myers’ job title or feature photos of the WeHo LA County Public Library location where she was working as a page. However, because Myers and-or a colleague apparently failed to follow proper LAPL County of Los Angeles Public Library media relations procedure, things quickly took an unexpected turn:

Lelyveld called Kramer to see if he’d reconsider the limits he’d placed on the story. Not only did he refuse to budge, but within an hour of the phone call, Myers was notified by her supervisors that she’d been removed from the work schedule and would receive a letter in the mail the next day. “This is a notice that you are being released from your temporary position of library page,” the letter read.

Myers called for an explanation and was told that as a temporary hourly employee, the library was not required to explain her firing.

Since Lelyveld no longer had the story she was counting on, she turned it over to Lopez. Although it does not appear that Myers will get her old job back, this master’s in library science surely has plentiful new material for her stand-up act.

[Photo courtesy StandUpLibrarian.com]