Los Angeles and the Pulitzer

We’ve been trying to find any association at all with Los Angeles and the 2008 Pulitzers. So far we’ve come up with that all of this years winners can spell ‘Los Angeles’ so there’s something.

But at least print LA journalists were in the running.

Over at Valleywag, they ran a piece saying that bloggers shouldn’t care or should even ‘rejoice’ at not being included in the Pulitzer contest:

But online reporters would do well to ignore the Pulitzers, rather than froth about their exclusion. They can reach an audience far larger than a parochial newspaper. And if they do manage to influence policy with their reporting? That in itself should be the prize.

Good exposure? Influence large audience? Just doing it should be the prize? Sounds like a Craigslist ad.

Not including online reporting for the Pulitzer is like the Oscars not allowing digital video ‘films’ to be eligible. It’s 2008. It’s not just perverts and porn on the internet anymore.