Lorraine Wild Gives It Up For Her Soul Sister


You know that people are always sending us UnBeige editors stuff, right? Mountains of stuff, cascading out of our mailboxes, pouring onto our desks like stuff fountains. Well, something funny happened three months ago. This gorgeous pink-red-orange book slid from between the stuff, filled with the fluorescent adventures of Sister Corita Kent, the legendary designer, artist and nun. Come Alive! it ordered us, and we did, flipping through the pages at lightning-speed, each exuberant, pop-py serigraph better than the next.

Then imagine our utter and unbridled delight in discovering that Sister Corita created all that goodness at the Immaculate Heart, which is (for this Hollywood writer, at least) right around the corner. Fellow LAite Lorraine Wild covers our local hero, in light of Wild’s own Catholic upbringing, no less, in her piece “Sister Corita: The Juiciest Tomato.”

Want more Corita? Immaculate Heart has an online resource and gallery you can visit, Harvard’s Fogg Museum has some of her pieces in a show, LA gallery Lost & Found has a show up (we went just before the holidays, it’s awesome), Mark Kingsley wrote about her on Speak Up, and, of course, there’s that glorious book, which will be available soon…and is most certainly not your everyday stuff. Update: The new ANP Quarterly also has a great story.