Lorraine Wallace: ‘Rinse the Lentils’

Another day. Another story about Mr. Sunday’s Soups. This time in The Detroit News. The newspaper is one in a long line of publications (including FBDC) that has covered the saga of the homemade soups that Lorraine Wallace makes for FNS Host Chris Wallace on Sunday while he’s navigating the brutal waters of Brit Hume and Juan Williams.

The Detroit News story is a stirring example of how repetition can make all the difference when it comes to soup. The book is faring pretty well on Amazon: #114 in Books; #1 in Books on Cooking, Food & Wine, Culinary Arts & Techniques; #1 in Books categorized under Cooking, Food & Wine and in Meals, Soups & Stews.

In this latest story, Lorraine is all about lentils. It’s apparently Chris’s fave among all those delish soups and joyful family memories: “I asked Lorraine for her favorite soup recipe and she immediately replied, “Chris loves the Hearty Lentil Soup!” Her recipe is made with onions, celery, bell peppers, tomato sauce and her secret ingredient — curry powder.”

Later Lorraine advises, “Rinse the lentils well in a colander and pick over and discard any discolored lentils or debris.”

Unfortunately, and this is painful to write, no more mentions of it on FNS…

Wallace slurped about them for a few weeks, even naming his wife “Power Player of the Week” (yes, for making him soup). This leaves “White House Soup of the Day” on MSNBC’s “The Daily Rundown” the standing soup feature in political Washington.

Alec Jacobs contributed to this report.