Loren Feldman Finally Comes Clean?

My Baby
Uploaded by 1938media

Haven’t heard of Loren Feldman or 1938 Media? Watch the above and you’ll see why he evokes so much love, hate, and confusion.

When I wrote “Vlogging and the New DIY PR,” I dutifully contacted Feldman to get a quote, and a bit more information about his offering. His reply was to the point: “www.1938video.com” (his separate company site). Granted, this was a few weeks after I missed his return call on another story.

I thoroughly enjoy that Feldman dispenses with buzzwords and overblown adjectives to describe his video consultancy, and tilts at web2.0 windmills to get big attention.

See his Jakob & Julia parody video for a hilarious example.

Like Gary Vaynerchuk and Andy Plesser, Feldman is happy to turn the the camera on himself–often shirtless unfortunately–to promote his firm.

New media PR works best with a good publicist behind, it and Feldman clearly is one. We’ll stay tuned to see if his business grows as a result. In the meantime, PRNewser predicts more PR people to try their hand at DIY PR in 2008.