Lord Foster Plans to Build Big (and then some) in Moscow


Back in 1992, when this writer spent a summer in Russia, he got to spend a couple of hours in GUM, what he was told was the largest “indoor mall-like thing” in the whole world. It’s a pretty incredible place, even if its size has probably been dwarfed in the past decade by, say, even malls in Duluth. But it won’t hold a candle to Lord Foster‘s plans to build the world’s largest structure in that very same city, Moscow. As we learned about by way of Inhabitat (which also has a ton of great coverage), the Times is reporting that the famous architect is aiming absurdly large in putting together what’s being coined as a “city inside a building.” And that coining ain’t just blowing smoke up a 1,500 foot skyscraper; the thing is dang big. Here’s a bit:

As well as 900 apartments and 3,000 hotel rooms, the project will include an international school for 500 pupils, a cinema, museum, theatre, sports complex and dozens of shops.

The site will also contain one of Moscow’s largest public spaces, with platforms 980ft above the ground giving panoramic views over the city’s skyline. Parkland around the complex will offer cross-country skiing and ice-skating in the winter.