Lootsie launches rewards SDK for boosted app engagement


Loyalty and rewards platform Lootsie has today launched its software development kit (SDK), which allows companies to integrate real-world rewards into their apps, boosting engagement and user loyalty. These rewards are earned by collecting “Lootsie Points,” which players acquire as they complete achievements in apps like Next Level Marketing’s Gem Slots.

These Lootsie Points can be saved in bulk for later, and redeemed inside the Lootsie Marketplace for rewards from Amazon, Target, Sephora, 1-800-Flowers, Wal-Mart, GameSpot, Lyft, Shoedazzle and many more available brands.

The goal behind Lootsie is to offer advertisers a fresh way to engage app users, without relying on “boring and ignorable” banner ads and pop-ups. It’s a setup similar to those utilized by Dibbz and SessionM, as all focus on increasing user loyalty over time by rewarding them with real-world prizes or virtual gift cards.

“As a developer, we’re constantly trying to solve the puzzle of user engagement, retention and monetization, and Lootsie delivers a solution that keeps our users happy without detracting from our intended app experience,” said Benjamin Klein from Next Level Marketing, developers of Gem Slots. “Lootsie lets us engage with our users at key points of achievement, yet allows everyone to turn those moments into so much more.”

More info on the Lootsie SDK is available on the company’s website.

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