Like Looks to Cash in on Fashion With Couturious Site

The Web is ideal for browsing and buying items like books and electronics, but for personal items like clothing that shoppers prefer to try on, it has its limitations.
Now, fashion search engine aims to answer that shortcoming with a new site, While other sites let shoppers assemble outfits, Couturious’ founder said the site gets closer to the dressing room experience. Using’s homegrown technology, users can tuck in or unbutton a shirt on a 3-D model, for instance.
The site taps into the social aspect of shopping, too; like other fashion sites, users can sign on with Facebook to share their favorite looks with others.
With Couturious, is taking aim at sites like Polyvore (see recent story link below) that let shoppers create outfits using apparel from around the Web. With 1.3 million monthly uniques as of January, per, Polyvore has a bigger audience than the sites of some women’s fashion magazine sites. (For its part, Polyvore claims 6 million monthly uniques.)
“Polyvore kind of proved there are a lot of people who want to go online and build outfits,” said Munjal Shah, chief executive officer of 3-year-old “We looked at it and said, that’s neat. There’s demand there, but can we take it to the next level? We thought, it would be so great if you could look at something that would look like a real model.”
Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, Polyvore’s newly named CEO, pointed out that users come to Polyvore for various purposes. “There are people who aren’t looking for the dressing room experience,” she said. “They create for themselves or don’t, and they browse.” She added that she’s eager to bring tools and innovation to the site. “We’re still in the early innings,” she said. “It’s part of what makes the category so interesting.”
Couturious, which officially launches Feb. 25, works on a revenue share model with retailers and designers, whose items are featured on Couturious but sold on their own sites. Six designers are prominently featured, including Cynthia Rowley and Tory Burch. Shah also plans to seek advertising from endemic as well as beauty and packaged goods advertisers. Already, has run ads from Barneys, Nordstrom and Nike.
To be sure, Couturious has some limits in its current form. Users can choose from eight models that differ by ethnicity but not by body type. The site also has only a few thousand items to choose from.
Shah said Couturious plans to add more body types after surveying users on their preferences. As for inventory, Shah hopes to have 100,000 items by year’s end. To that end, he’s in talks with retailers and designers about embedding Couturius’ technology in their sites in exchange for having their inventory added to Couturious.

“More is always better,” he said.

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