Looking for TV Deals, Cosmo Signs Agent

Deal is Hearst's second recent move into TV

In its second foray into television this week, Hearst announced that its megabrand Cosmopolitan is partnering with production company Mosaic to develop programming for film and TV. Under the deal, Cosmo editors will work with Mosaic to create programming ideas to shop to networks, studios, and other outlets.

The 2.9 million-circulation Cosmopolitan has been aggressive in pushing its brand out to other platforms and to editions overseas, and editor Kate White frequently represents the brand on television. This is the first time in many years the magazine has signed an agent to explore TV, movies, and other opportunities, however. Hearst Magazines president David Carey, who came on board last June, has made it a priority to find new ways of making money off of Hearst’s brands.

The news follows Monday’s announcement that Hearst Corp. has entered into a joint venture with reality TV producer Mark Burnett. That deal gives Hearst a 50 percent share in Burnett’s company and its future programming and was created with an eye to using Hearst’s brands to provide content for new shows.