Looking at UNESCO’s Love For Montreal


An interesting couple of links over at the Montreal City Weblog about that city being selected as one of three places designated as UNESCO Cities of Design (Berlin and Buenos Aires were the others). Over the course of last weekend, the town had a “Design Weekend,” which conferences and lectures and such, to help celebrate the announcement. And here, at The Gazette, you’ll find a batch of designers being interviewed about just why Montreal was selected:

Q: Why was Montreal designated a UNESCO City of Design?

A: There’s the economic vitality in the design industry, including fashion, interior design and industrial design. Another factor is the avant-garde architecture of big city projects, from the Expo 67 pavilions, the metro stations, the Olympic Stadium, the Old Port to the Quartier International. Montreal’s many competitions have encouraged a rich and diverse use of commercial spaces. The high quality of the city’s schools, and the interdisciplinary practices of design professionals are also factors. Finally, there’s growing concern among municipal authorities to value existing sites and landscapes while supporting the introduction of contemporary buildings and installations.