Looking at Tina Brown’s First Newsweek

We know, more Newsweek! But it’s a big story, so hush. The first redesigned issue hit newsstands today, and for the most part, people are down on it. Dylan Stableford says it’s just more of the same:

At a quick glance, the new Newsweek looks … a lot like the old Newsweek. A political figure — Hillary Clinton — on the cover, and a coverline touting an article on ‘political frenemies.’

Choire Sicha at The Awl says the magazine is like a warm bath, and not in a good way:

Mmm, it’s like soaking in a nice warm bath of a comfortable yesterday—a happy, mature place of sort-of kind-of powerful people.

For FishbowlNY, the worst might be the “Five Places to See Before The Revolution,” slideshow featured today, which sounds like an Onion headline, but sadly, isn’t. The piece features places that people should visit before there’s a revolution, like the Galapogos, in Ecuador:

Opposition forces have been gathering momentum in Ecuador since September, when President Rafael Correa declared a state of emergency after being attacked with tear gas by rebellious police officers. If protests heat up, access to the Ecuadoran archipelago could be limited.

Uh, right. Forget the inspiring revolutions around the world – get your ass to some tourist traps before it’s too late!

The good news for Newsweek is that this is just the beginning, so things will be sorted out, and will most likely get better. Right?