Lookery Beats Facebook to the Punch

Lookery has announced that later this week they will begin offering gender targeted ads. What is amazing about Looker is they are CPC text ads for practically anybody. While it is currently application developers that are taking advantage of these ads, soon enough a wider group of individuals will be able to take advantage of their advertising platform. They have also announced that they will be adding more demographic features in the near future. Facebook currently offers this sort of advertising on a CPM basis but you better be ready to spend a couple hundred thousand dollars if you are going to get advertising from Facebook directly. I previously mentioned that Facebook should create an advertising network similar to Google’s adwords system. For some reason they have not followed my advice yet. Go figure! Either way, Lookery is slowly entering Facebook’s territory and apparently Facebook has absolutely no problem with it. That’s pretty interesting considering that SocialMedia.com (another Facebook advertising network) could be making tens (potentially hundreds) of thousands of dollars a day as of now. Whatever venture capital funds helped to fund these advertising networks surely didn’t make a bad investment. The only thing I wonder about though is whether or not Facebook is going to want to get in on that action as well. Do you think Facebook will try to enter the application advertising space?