Look, Up in the Sky, It is NVIDIA's Kal-El Quad-core Mobile Processor

Like the vast majority of gadget fans, I’m still waiting to see a smartphone with a dual-core processor. However, earlier this week, Engadget reported that NVIDIA has already announced a quad core Tegra chip.

NVIDIA announces quad-core Kal-El SOC, promises it in tablets by August (video)

They describe how this tiny powerhouse displayed a beyond 1080p 2560×1440 video stream on both a mobile devices’s 1366×768 display as well as a connected external 2560×1600 monitor. This super-processor’s name is an appropriate one. Comic book fans will instantly recognize Kal-El as Superman’s Kryptonian birthname.

Note to other mobile processor manufacturers: It would be appropriate to codename your competing products Luthor, Braniac, or Zod.