Look for Missing KNXT Footage at KCBS–Tipster

FBLA’s tip box is usually bursting with offers to help us engorge our member or buy a replica Rolex. In response to yesterday’s post about some missing news footage, a reader wrote:

I used to work at Corbis and would have been directly
involved in the research request to find the KNXT broadcast. Corbis
exclusively sales reps KCBS but as far as I know, KCBS owns and vaults it’s own material. In fact, Corbis Motion owns hardly anything
outright, and even what we repped was a sadly small collection. (Got
our butts kicked by the competition.) Shaw may have received a
negative response when he approached Corbis, but this is probably
because KCBS couldn’t find the material or was unwilling to make it

And with all the recent layoffs, KCBS probably doesn’t have anyone who knows how to find the ladies’ room, much less the vault.

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