‘Look’ Bluetooth Tracking Device Will Help You Keep an Eye on Your Glasses

If you’re tired of losing your reading glasses, a new company called Look has a solution. Its Look Bluetooth tracking device attaches to the arm of a pair of glasses, and when connected to a mobile app, allows users to find their glasses using a sound played by the device, without tearing up the house.

Founded by Dafna Ariely, a grandmother tired of losing her reading glasses, Look’s goal is to attract users via the shape and size of its product, which was designed to fit discretely on either the outside or inside of an eyeglass frame. Other tracking devices might be awkwardly shaped or simply larger, eliminating their usability for a pair of glasses.


In order to appeal to the most users possible, Look comes in four different designs, each available in a selection of colors. This allows customers to choose the shape and color that best matches their individual pair of glasses.

The Look device comes with an app for iPhone and Android devices, which can track the glasses from up to 50 feet. When the app is activated, the Look device will beep, and the app itself will indicate whether the user is walking closer to, or farther away from, the frames. As with other Bluetooth tracking devices, Look can technically be placed anywhere, on anything someone might consistently misplace.

Look is currently seeking funding via a newly launched Indiegogo campaign, which allows users to pre-order their own Look device for as low as $25. The company has raised $455 of its $50,000 goal, as of this writing. The campaign closes on November 2.