Look Birdy Will Help You Take Photos of Your Camera-Shy Baby

Babies are adorable, unpredictable, and unfortunately, un-trainable for photos. If you’ve ever tried to get one to look at the camera, you might have felt a little bit of frustration because you can’t capture their cuteness with enough eye-contact.

So, why not try Look Birdy? The $1.29 app uses bird songs to lure your small human into looking at your smartphone. It won’t help you with tricky feeding time unless your child gets ravenous at the sound of a bird, but you can certainly try.

Look Birdy is a very simple photo app that solves a problem which has plagued parents for… well I guess as long as phones could take photos.

The app, created by 38 year old Melbourne Dad Ben Keenan with programming help from his friend Rhys Sullivan uses an iPhones flash in way Steve Jobs never intended.

It turns it into an attractor whilst making attention grabbing bird noises that magically attract little eyeballs to get kids looking in photos.

It also works on animals!