Longtime WINS Traffic Reporter Jeff McKay Leaves Metro Networks Just Shy of 20 Years

It’s hard to imagine being stuck in traffic without Jeff McKay to guide you along.

But yesterday was final his 1010 WINS traffic shift. McKay left his employer, Metro Networks, one week shy of 20 years.

Crys Quimby, Metro Networks New York VP, Programming and Operations told her staff that where McKay is headed remains a mystery.

“He gave two weeks notice, but is not at liberty to talk about his new position yet, so we agreed to hold off on this announcement,” Quimby said.

The passionate McKay could be counted on to offer alternate routes for drivers, known as The McKay Way. (With the same title, several years ago the New York Post teamed up with McKay for a traffic column.)

Perhaps, though, McKay will be best remembered for his taking his signature stand, undoubtedly each night, at the lack of toll collectors leading to massive delays. Even Quimby made sure to include that in her statement to employees.

“You will be missed by Metro and by your stations and by your listeners.  You may not, however, be missed by the Port Authority, [the] TBTA [Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority] or toll takers.”

FishbowlNY attempted to reach McKay for a comment.