Longtime ‘Meet the Press’ EP Betsy Fischer Martin to Depart NBC News

betsy_fischer_twitter_iconAfter 23 years, Betsy Fischer Martin is set to depart NBC News.

In an email to friends and colleagues this morning, she writes, “As some of you know, this is my last week with an @nbc email address. You can find me a lot of places this fall –  @home @carpool @collegefootball @airport but the safest bet is @gmail (above) or @BFischerMartin (twitter).”

Martin served as executive producer of “Meet the Press” for 11 years, and in July 2013, took on a new role as senior executive producer and managing editor of NBC News political programming.

In the email, she hints that she’ll soon have a new work address, with news of that to follow.

Looking back on her nearly quarter century at NBC News, she shared in said email:

“Exactly 23 years ago this week I walked a few blocks down Nebraska Avenue from American University to start an internship at a TV show called Meet the Press.  I soon met a lawyer and politico turned journalist named Tim Russert who convinced me to forget about my admission to law school and stick around to help cover the 1992 presidential election.  I certainly had no idea then that I would stay with him at MTP for so long or have the great honor to run the show as EP for 11 years.  When I left MTP last summer for another terrific post at NBC, it was a bittersweet decision but one that ultimately allowed me the chance to grow and explore life outside of Sunday morning.  My decision now to leave the Peacock family comes with the same bittersweet feelings of sadness yet excitement for what’s ahead.  I thank NBC for giving me such incredible opportunities during my career.”