Longtime Employee Bill Gaytten Takes Over as Creative Director of John Galliano

As the trial-turned-spectacle continues for John Galliano, business continues back at the designer’s eponymous label, which he’d been fired from back in March after making anti-Semitic remarks in a French bar. While owner of the label, Christian Dior SA, ultimately decided to keep the label active, even after letting Galliano go, the brand had been struggling to find its sea legs after the departure of its captain. But now it appears that they’ve found their successor to the throne. Bloomberg reports that Bill Gaytten, who had worked directly for Galliano for the past 23 years, will take over his former boss’ title of creative director. Originally trained as an architect in the UK before moving on to fashion, here’s a bit more about the new head honcho:

Gaytten, born in England in 1960, has worked at Galliano for 23 years after employment at Victor Edelstein for three years, the fashion house said in a statement yesterday.

“Gaytten’s expertise to innovate patterns, cut and drape are what define the DNA of the house,” the statement said.