Longtime CQ Defense Writer Upped to Editor

CQ‘s John Donnelly is being promoted to editor after seven years working as a defense writer for the publication. The position is newly created. CQ Executive Editor Susan Benkelman announced the news today.

Little known facts about Donnelly: In college at William & Mary he was a finalist in competition for valedictorian. He was also a Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity brother and was involved in theater. Apparently his only main stage role was playing the sardonic Dr. Relling in Henrik Ibsen’s “The Wild Duck.”

Congratulations to Donnelly!

To the editorial staff:

I’m happy to announce that John Donnelly will take over the newly created position of editor for our Executive Briefing on Defense. Donnelly has been a defense writer for CQ since 2004, and has written about every possible issue involving our nation’s national security from a congressional perspective. And he’s balanced our multiple platforms beautifully – doing breaking news, daily analysis and Weekly features. Now he’s going to master another one. John’s knowledge of defense policy, and his ability to see the fights looming ahead, position him perfectly for this position, where he’ll be producing a morning newsletter and blogging about defense issues for premium subscribers on a daily basis.

In taking on an Executive Briefing, John joins Kathy Wolfe, who’s been our trailblazer in this new endeavor, and has set the standard for how to create and populate a new product from scratch. We’ve already had significant success with this transportation product in the marketplace, largely due to Kathy’s talent in identifying and clearly explaining developments in the transportation realm for a stakeholder audience.

The Executive Briefings represent a new initiative in which we are delivering a high-level view of news and developments about policy making on specific topics. The editors write morning newsletters and then add content and context to them as the work day unfolds, leveraging the breadth and strength of content in the company’s news and information databases. We’ll be launching more of these briefings in the coming months, as we identify policy areas for further development.

Please let me know if you have any questions or want further information about this effort. Thanks.