#LonelyHeartsClub: Top Anti Valentine’s Day Hashtags

For the uncoupled, half the “fun” of Valentine’s Day in our always-connected world is watching all the lovey-dovey sentiments float past via social media streams each February 14. It’s only natural then that they strike back with some Valentine’s well wishes of their own. Those who have crushed and snorted their candy hearts have some hastags of their own.

The hashtag #smachabitch, which piggybacked on #Vdayfail and #antivday turns out to be little more than a promo tool for a Kimberly Cole e-card.

Some just lamented the effects of promoted tweets, “I bet #AntiVday would be trending by now if it weren’t for the Promoted trend of #HeartShapedPizza.”

However the twin tags #rejectedcandyhearts and #candyheartrejects seemed the vehicle for all the anti-coupling vitriol on Twitter, garnering tweets from everyone from professionals such as Daily Show creator Lizz Winstead and journalists to the lovelorn and the simply saccharine-averse.

And @FakeAPstylebook offered its own take, with the promise to “correct” common errors found on candy hearts. For example: “The correct term is ‘Bee Mine,’ an explosive device for clearing out bees.”

While there were, of course, no shortage of obscene suggestions (some funny; most not) the below represent some of the most oft-repeated, retweeted, or topical thoughts fit for publication. (Extra points for those that could actually be squeezed onto a candy heart.)

“You’ll do for now”



“I’m Chris Hanson”

“Are you into ‘divorced lobbyists’?”

“You might be getting a call from my doctor soon.”

“Get Tested”

“I’m Late”

“That’s *today*??”

“This candy will probably last longer than any love you’ll share”

Image: FakeAPStylebook