Lonely Girl Guys Try Again: Bebo Gets Kate Modern


Lonely Girl 15 creators get another crack at turning their storytelling skills into cash, according to Deborah Netburn in the LAT. Bebo.com will host Lonelygirl15 Presents…KateModern, with a 19 year old British student, her friends, family and some occult-ish forces.

Sounds a great deal like Hex on the BBC.

Also sounds like Kate Modern, which sounds like Tate Modern. No one said they were very original.

Miles Beckett, Greg Goodfried and Mesh Flanders are looking for writers and directors in London, where Beckett will executive-produce. They’re all excited that there’s enough money to do the web series, which will debut in early July.

LG15 got them all signed with CAA, but a duty tour of meetings around town didn’t excite the team.

“They (studio heads) were very enthusiastic, and some offers were made, but we felt that the Internet is a different model than TV, and it would be limiting if we got tied into the studio system,” said Goodfried.

If that’s his story, FBLA thinks he should stick with it. Studio system?

Bebo is hoping for product placement and ad tie-ins, like H & M and Cover Girl.